Jan 6, 2012

Hot Chocolate | Simple Pleasures

“I reckon that whatever the New Year brings us will be
the best the Great Captain has for us, and,
somehow or other, we’ll all
make port in a good harbor.” 
Captain Jim (Anne's House of Dreams, by L.M. Montgomery)

It's January - it's the season for hot chocolate and marshmallows. It's the season for making promises and resolutions. For starting new journals, cozying up with new books, taking walks in the fresh new air. It's the month for clear blue skies and deep drifted snow - for sparking stars and a big moon. Plaid scarves, wood fires, leather boots, slick ice - and Jack Frost still insists on nipping at your nose. Honestly. 

Sadly, we haven't got much snow here... but it's still nippingly cold. So I cuddle up with a chipped mug, steaming with hot cocoa. I stir in the marshmallows... or whipped cream... or ice cream... and my family and I watch old classics. We read aloud, we play board games. We grab the laundry out of the dryer while it's still warm and toss it onto the couch and watch the cat run over to play. I watch my breath cloud up as I walk down the long, frosty driveway in the dark to get the mail. 

It's a splendid time of year, and I "reckon that whatever the Good Captain has" for me this year... well, it'll be awesome. And somehow or another, "we'll all make port in a good harbor." 

How's your sailing going? 

Bon voyage!
Much love


  1. Your pictures are always so wonderful! I'm enjoying break very much. It's great to have some free time & little schoolwork!

  2. Anne's house of dreams is one of my favorite books EVER...and so is hot chocolate. So I'm pretty much in love with this post :)

  3. beautiful pictures!
    there's no snow here, either. but it is (somewhat) cold!(:


  4. Ok,love the mug and love the quote.
    Ahh,your new year sounds so relaxing! Mine hasn't been so much,we've been painting all week :-)

  5. Oh dear, such a beautiful post! I love the two pictures; they're both so winter-y.

  6. Loved the post! Not only are you a gifted photographer, but also an amazing writer! You make me wanna cuddle up with a blanket right now, & watch an classic movie.

  7. that looks yummy! May I have some, pretty please? :)

  8. Sounds so cozy and delightful!
    Enjoy your break to the fullest and make LOTS of memories....cause they live on even when the ones we love are far away!

    Love you!!

  9. I just wrote down that quote. Captain Jim is my favorite character in that book. :) Oh, and your hot chocolate looks delicious. :)

  10. Your blog is full of win. =) I just found it through pinterst...oh yeah, your pins over there are full of win, too. hehe


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