Jun 29, 2011

Saturday Rodeo | NEWA Photographer

Old dirt road and I'll be just fine
Give me a Sunday morning that's full of grace
A simple life and I'll be okay
Here in small town USA.

Justin Moore, Small Town USA

Well, it's come and gone again. The rodeo. Every year on Father's Day weekend, these girls and guys and horses flood our town, and the next Wednesday, our once-a-week newspaper is full of pictures of the events and people that make those few days so exciting.

Oh, let me get this straight at the beginning. This year I wore my real boots to the rodeo. Just so you know.

I got a lot of ribbing about those flipflops last year!!

It was pretty much the same as last year. Cowgirls and cowboys. Horses and pickup trucks. Jeans and country music. It was the same awesomeness that brings our teensy tiny little town to life each year!

And these guys and girls never cease to amaze me with their... well... amazing skills!! They all look like they were born to ride - and that's not an exaggeration!! Many of them were raised on ranches or farms, so they've been doing this since they could walk. Or even before.

I've only ever been on a horse um... maybe 10 times? (no, I am NOT counting carrousel horses!!) These fantastic riders put my trotting skills to shame.

Oh, and this was super adorable - one of the rodeo queens was eight years old. She's probably got a little cowboy boyfriend with a huge hat and a little pony.

Okay, don't listen to me ramble on - I just like to imagine love stories up in my head.

Seriously, though - if you were a little cowboy with a huge hat and a little pony, wouldn't you fall for that cute blond cowgirl?

This is like horse riding extraordinaire. I can't imagine how sore they all are the next day.

The Tough Enough girls! (plus horses)

Steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing, bull riding, bronco riding, bareback riding, team roping... they do it all!!

Or... not. As the case may be.

(ps - girls, get this. There was a young bull rider competing here who was an Abercrombie & Fitch model. Serious, serious, serious. How cool is that? A bull rider and a handsome dude. I bet he knows how to surf, too. And do cool stuff like that. But still, it's hard to impress the daughters of the Navy's coolest and best establishment, haha!!)

What American event is complete without ice cream?

Okay, I'm sorry about these last few pictures. It was getting dark and... well. A Rebel will only do so much!! =)

Barrel racing has got to be one of the most inspirational sports ever. But I'm one of those people who watches something... tennis, surfing, volleyball, barrel racing, swing dancing... and I want to go out and do it!! There really isn't enough time in this life to do everything I'm planning to do!!

I know this isn't a gallery-worthy picture... but the sunset was super beautiful that night!!

And that, girls and guys, was another Saturday night at a small-town rodeo. Next year, ya'll can come on down and get a load of it for yourselves!


Much love,

ps - yes, my computer is back! Good as new. Sadly... "good as new," means just that. New. Brand-new, as in "empty." Yep. But the Lord provided a new hard drive and now I'm working on getting all my stuff back where it belongs!! =) Not too much was lost, thankfully. I knew enough to back up pretty often - though you can never back up often enough, I've learned!!! =)

Jun 21, 2011

It's Summer, Ya'll!! | Personal

"And it's only time but it flies right by
and today is sweeter than we know."
One Hundred More Years

It's summertime, ya'll!! Yayyyy!! I know I'm not the only one celebrating. It's the longest day of the year - it's the true beginning of my favorite season ever. The hot afternoons, sundresses, ice cream, swimming, summer loving days are ahead. Sunsets and road trips. Bee stings and breeze in the pines. Mmm... well. "mmm" except for the bee stings, right? =)

Today was the most idyllic summer day.

A picnic in the park. Laying in the sun. Swimming. Iced tea.

My poor computer is still in for repairs. But my dear family has lent me theirs to use until it's home safe and sound! I am missing my own stuff, though - my own processor's speed, my editing program, my own fonts. =)

But as I told my family, it has to be one of the seven deadly sins if one doesn't post on the first day of summer, haha! Seriously, though. I love summer, so it's only fitting that I post on one of my favorite days of the entire year.

And so ya'll had to make do with a quickie post. And I had to make do with an 11-year-old desktop computer (eek!), a terribly slow internet connection, and picnik for photo editing. I miss my Lightroom, like seriously.

BUT - here's to a grand summer! Hope it's filled with all those stereotypical things that make summer glorious.

Much love!

Jun 15, 2011

Oh-No Moments | Personal

I'm sure ya'll have had them. The helpless milliseconds before the glass hits the ground and shatters into a million pieces. Or when you realize that you're flying through the air on a snowboard and it's about to hurt. A lot.

Or like yesterday, when my laptop started clicking. I felt like Captain Hook when he hears the proverbial tick of the crocodile - I knew something awful was about to happen. "Oh, no!"

The next thing I knew my laptop was seizing up and the clicking continued. A steady "click, click, click" from the left hand corner of the bottom - the harddrive. Ouch. There was nothing I could do to stop the infernal click except shut the lid, which I did. I knew just a few seconds later that I wasn't ever going to see that comforting home screen again... without help, anyway!! Serious help.

Not being overly gifted in the area of technical troubleshooting, I did try a few techniques (such as opening the laptop up again and pressing the button). I got a little black screen that in no uncertain terms told me I had no harddrive installed. Ouch again. Well, it was my own stupid fault that I hadn't backed up in about four weeks.

So, ya'll... this may be the last you hear from me for just a bit. My computer is in the shop for the time being, and I have no idea as of yet what the diagnosis is. God really knows what He's doing though - there are just 56 days left on the warranty and since I took it back to the small-town family-run business that I bought it from, they're going to do all the repairs for free. This year's been kinda... expensive... as far as accidents go, so that was right from the hand of God!!

Thank God for families and family computers... or else ya'll would have thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth! Haha... can't get rid of me that easy. =)

So ya'll know what I'll be doing for a little bit... kicking back and enjoying the summer with no computer to distract me. Frankly I think it's a good idea... it's hard in this media-savvy world to get a chace - or a good reason - to excuse ourselves from the grip of electronics long enough to draw a deep breath. But now I have a good reason. A painful one, maybe... but... I do have a bunch of stuff checked out from the library. =)

See you in a few weeks, chicas!!

ps - I was digging through my old files on my family computer - how many of you still have stuff on there? The files you've forgotten to transfer that are still lurking among your little sister's random assortment of stuff or your Mom's letters and forms? Haha, I thought so. =)

You can be sure that I'll be availing myself of nature's greatest assets... sunshine, water, dirt, flowers, grass... you get the picture. Throw in a few good books and some mint chip ice cream and I'm good to go!

And don't forget the camera. Please.

Both of these were taken over a year ago. Sheeesh! I can't believe that! I'm getting to be an oldie moldie photog, guys! *wink*

Jun 12, 2011

In the Rain | Personal

Sunny days - everybody loves them.
Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain?
Storms will come, this we know for sure.
Can you stand the rain?

New Edition | Can You Stand the Rain?

"Can you stand play volleyball in the rain?"

Cuz that's what I did on Friday night! Our church gets together for sports on Friday nights and me and my siblings like to go as often as we can. We don't have our own playing fields, so the school graciously lends us their soccer fields, softball field, and tennis courts if they're not using them. We even get to sneak onto the football field if nobody cares! (definitely the best place for Ultimate!)

Last Friday, I hopped in the car with my sisters and we started driving the 10 minutes to meet everybody else. By the time we arrived at the field, it was cloudy. While some people set up the volleyball net, a group of us grabbed a volleyball and started hitting it around.

And that's when it started raining. By the time the net was up it was p.o.u.r.i.n.g!

Some of my sisters hightailed it to the car, because that rain was cold and hard. But I was super hyped for this volleyball game, and I didn't care! A few other young people weren't fazed at all, so we got the net set up and a game going. I think my knees will never be the same after slipping and diving and dodging after that volleyball on the wet grass. (I know my pink and white er, green sneakers won't!)

After about 20 minutes of hitting a wet volleyball (those things are hard, let me tell you!) and being blinded by rain in my eyes, the downpour softened. 10 minutes later, it stopped. Then the sun began to peek out from behind those clouds! I'm all for a good, old-fashioned American comeback. =)

Then I looked to my left and saw a gorgeous, petite little rainbow. (which was strange, considering the density of the rain... we should have had a huggggge Noah's Ark-sized rainbow.)

Being the photographer that I am, I squealed and rain for my cell phone - which I had stupidly left out in the rain in the pocket of my sweatshirt. Which I had also stupidly left out in the rain.

I snapped a few pictures of our tiny rainbow before I realized that they were waiting for me. It's a good thing that the server on the other team was such a gentleman, because he had already called the score and was about to serve the ball into our court... to me, of course (since the back center is where he always serves)... and we would have lost the point. But everyone either smiled or snickered and waited patiently for me to come back to my post.

From where I returned the serve and our team began to make a comeback (see?), from which we went into overtime and eventually lost by the two points necessary (27-29). Sadly.

Ya'll probably didn't need to know that much stuff.... but I wanted to share God's little gift to us with you! =)

Much love!

ps - my cell phone started having spasms last night. I don't think it likes spending rainstorms in the thin pocket of a cotton sweatshirt very much.

Jun 10, 2011

Farmgirl in Flipflops Buttons | NE WA Photography

I was recently browsing around on a few of my favorite blogs when I suddenly noticed something. Buttons. Of course I'd noticed buttons before, so to put it more accurately, I realized that my blog didn't have a button!

So, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing and sharing pleasure, I present to you not one but TWO different buttons!! I've given you two sizes to choose from as well, so whichever fits your blog the best, go ahead and grab it and share it with your readers!!

I'm super flattered that ya'll would even consider putting a link to your site on my blog, so I'm just going to say "thank you soooooooo much!" And happy buttoning!

Much love!

directions: simply copy the html code in the box below the button you want. On your dashboard go to
the desired blog -> edit layout -> add a gadget -> add html/java script.
And then paste! That's all there is to it! =) Of course you can click and drag to your heart's content.

Farmgirl in Flipflops

Farmgirl in Flipflops

Farmgirl in Flipflops

Farmgirl in Flipflops

ps - and if they DONT work - let me know right away and I'll see if I can't fix it!

ps2 - also check out my footer... you can grab a button there any time!! (see the left hand bottom corner) Pretty nifty, huh? Oh, and that's a 200x200px one.

ps3 - if you want different sizes, I've got both 250x250 and 300x300 ready to go... let me know and I'll load them onto this post!

Jun 4, 2011

Words & Writing | Simple Pleasures

"Fill your pages with the beatings of your heart."
William Wordsworth

I love words.

I'm not even pretending that I'm a good writer, I'm merely stating fact. (because I'm not necessarily a good writer... haha!) A fact that many of you probably agree with.

Words can be beautiful. They can stir your soul and make you cry. They can draw you in. They leave you out. Words can make you feel ecstatic one minute and in the lowest valley the next. Though 80% of human communication is non-verbal (or so they say!), words play a huge role in our lives.

And that's why I love them! They're so complex and yet so simple.

And I haven't even thrown in that bit about the different languages yet, haha!!

I like letters, too. Letters are cute. There are so many different ways to write them.

Do you cross your "t"s low or high? Do you make your "o"s go left to right or right to left? Are your capital "h"s one stroke or three? "B" looks like a "D" with a dimple. Whoever thought to put the dot over the "i" instead of under? Hey, why are there capitals, anyway... instead of just extra big lowercase letters?

You get the point.

That's what I love about words. And letters. They open up all sorts of possibilities!!

What do you love about letters and words?

Much love,

p.s. - ampersands are even cuter, by the way. Don't you think so?

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Jun 2, 2011

Thank You!! | Personal

Thank ya'll sooooo much for your kind input on my question!! It seems that the *general* consensus is that I keep posting whatever life brings my way. So I intend to do just that.

Now that might mean more posts in the future... but... well. You know me. Too well, sometimes!

Much love,


p.s. - stay tuned for a "simple pleasures" post... part of my new series. ish. seriesish. Is that a word? "Series" was too formal... because unless I'm posting part of my "series" every scheduled-so-often, I feel like a more casual word is needed. Otherwise I feel like a lazy blogger... and even if I AM a lazy blogger, I don't want to FEEL like one.


Look, Mom! I'm a word-maker-upper!

p.s.2. My spell-checker says that "seriesish" is not a word. But we all know that spell-checkers can be rather dense at times. After all, a lot of us with the long foreign last names have had the "Dear Computer, I *think* I know how to spell my last name" moments.

p.s.3. - here was the first Simple Pleasures post... just in case you're the curious type. (like me!) That goes hand-in-hand with the word-maker-upper type and makes for a very interesting personality! =)