Dec 31, 2011

Hello, 2012 | Personal

It's the very last day of 2011. 364 days... where did they go, anyway? I already wrote a post about this year... it's ups and downs and everything God's done for me were awesome. 

Now I'm looking forward to 2012. It's going to be filled with more ups and downs. More familiar routine more new experiences. God's going to make it a GREAT year, amen? =)

One thing that I'm extremely (like, totally, completely, amazingly...) grateful for as I go into the new year is this... Eeek! Squeak! Squeeeeeal!! I can hardly type about it without smiling... looky here, chicas and gentlemen.

It's my new best friend.

It's a Canon Rebel T2i... and I love it. I'm also pretty close to sure that he/she/it loves me, too, lol!! =)My splendid new camera has taken poor Darcy's place, and already he/she/it is being amazing!

And I'm also tired of calling he/she/it... he/she/it. So... what do I name the thing? My poor new buddy can't go into the New Year without a name. That would just be... wrong. I'm still not sure what he/she/it is... chica or dude? Darcy was a dude, and he got along famously with Pep and Wayne and Valerie. (yes, I named my lenses, too, which is utterly ridiculous.) Maybe I'll call my new one Knightley... see a theme? 

Anyway. If I've totally scared you away with all my chit-chatting about naming my electronic equipment, let me just say... that's all I name. Well, I name stuffed animals, too. But I don't name my pillows or my shoes or my hairbrush. Trust me.

I hope you have a...


Thanks for making this year fabulous as my dear blog readers! Y'all are pretty cool, you know? =)  Thank you so much... andddddd... don't stay up too late, okay?

Much love!


  1. Hope you have a happy New Year too! :) And don't worry, you're not the only one out there crazy enough to be naming lenses. ;)

  2. oh are gonna love that camera!! :D Knightley has a twin here in Texas that is very happy for ya ;D

  3. Hm....what is your new lens?

    Oh! Names!! Here are a few

    Girls:Pamela, Lillian, Judith, Belle
    Guys: Darlillion, Bingly, Guido, The Beast,

    Anything along those lines. :)

    Please let us know what you come up with.

    -Anna Rose

  4. Knightley?!?! I LOVE it! :)

    SO SO SO excited for you (and us too since we get the benefit of the awesome pictures you take!). Love you bunches and make sure to take lots of pictures!


  5. Frightening. I nearly named my new camera Valerie!! =) Is that just weird?
    I think it's funny how I name my camera, then skip around on other people's blogs, and they name theirs. ;) I feel great now. Maybe I'm not as loopy as I thought. I completely understand about naming your lenses. I would too. =)

  6. You may as well know that my laptop has been Ol Betsy for over a year now and my camera was Annie the day I got her... I haven't named my lenses yet though :p

  7. Happy New Years! Hope 2012 is good to you and your family :)

  8. Love the camera! ;) Oh & the name is just wonderful!

  9. I stayed up waaay too late. :) Yay for a new camera!! I love your iPhone pictures, but I have to admit I think Darcy's were a bit better quality. Good luck with him/her!
    PS: My camera's name is Sam. :)

  10. I think Knightley would be an amazing name. I love the theme. :)

  11. haha! congrats girl! it's ok. i named my camera too. when it has the bigger lens on, its name is big brother. when he has his smaller lens on...little brother. (yeah, i thought long and hard on those names. lol!) happy 2012, girlie!


  12. Happy New Year!!

    (and I say Brandon, favorite ever)

  13. haha you are too funny! :D i like the name Knightley; i named my canon Jane!


  14. Oh, hello there fellow Pride and Prejudice lover; I caught the theme, and smiled. (: I'm Nikon through and through; but hey, if it takes pretty pictures, I can't argue. Congrats! (:


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