Aug 17, 2011

iPhone Awesomeness

What makes a person a photog, anyway? That $4000 camera? That "25 years of experience"? Not in my book, baby!

Photography is just a medium to preserve the moments that we've been given. Okay, so you wouldn't hire a newbie with a camera to shoot your wedding, right? =) Not everyone is going to be a professional photographer. But anyone can use photography to make moments into visual memories.

That's why I've been absolutely loving my new iPhone camera. There are moments in everybody's life when they say, "oh, man! Don't I wish I had a camera right now!" Those moments came pretty often for me, since I didn't drag my large camera around everywhere!

High fives for the "real" stuff of life - what we look like on weekdays. What our view from the driver's seat is. Because that's where this little camera has been. And where it's going to be in the future.

Like, a lot.

This, my friends, is me. After playing volleyball for about two hours. It's about ten o'clock at night. So would I have come home, gotten out my camera, and taken a self-portrait looking like that? Instead of using my iPhone?

Not on your life. =)

And I do have FUN playing with editing. Later on I'll be posting about my fave iPhone photo editors... so keep your eyes peeled!

Much love,


  1. iphone images have a totally different you can't capture with an expensive camera! I'd say both cameras are a must in life. :) you inspire me.

  2. Both cameras are DEF a must, girlie!! =) haha, well YOU inspire me. Just so ya know. =)

  3. Gorgeous photos Hannah! I LOVE the last one. The colors are so beautiful. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  4. Both cameras are awesome! I love my iPhone's (on which I am typing this!) camera and editing the pictures. When you are taking pics on it, you don't feel the need to get the perfect shot. And I do follow you on Instagram. I want that blue case sooooooooo bad:)

  5. These are so cool! Love the doughnuts. :)

  6. Ahhh! These photos are all SO gorgeous! It just shows how much of a great photographer you are -- it doesn't matter what camera you have, you'll always take beautiful pictures.
    Speaking of iPhones, Would you pleeaseee enter my current instagram photo challenge? You'd totally make my day if you did. :{) I'm trying to find people who use an iPhone / iPod to enter this photo challenge. :) You can link up to flickr orrr your blog, or whatever else you can think of. :)

    Thanks SO much!
    Acacia xo

  7. Well put, Hannah.  (I'm writing from my iPhone, hehe)
    iPhone photos can look great when they're edited, like yours here (I love the light leaks!) and not cheesy selfie snapshots like some non-serious photographers like to take. I agree with Paige; both cameras are helpful - my DSLR for more control, better quality and low-light performance, etc., and my iPhone for convenience and photo apps. My iPhone 4's camera is a lot better than the one on my iPhone 3Gs, which is the way, have you heard of the iPhone SLR lens adapter? it sounds cool, but the price is much too steep for me - I want to save for better lenses and other things that won't just be for fun.
    I'm looking forward to seeing which photo editing apps you use; I have a bunch of free ones (I might buy Camera+ and a few others sometime, though) - perhaps some of the ones you have. I even use Instagram and other apps for giving my DSLR photos a new look as well.
    I'm not happy about the fact that AT&T doesn't have an unlimited data plan anymore unless you had it before (perhaps you agree)...I've nearly used up my monthly 2gb, and we don't have WiFi Internet at our house here in the country...I should stop rambling already; adios for now.

  8. Gorgeous!! I love iPhone photos. :) Excited to hear about your favorite iPhone editors. :) Blessings!

    With Joy in Christ,

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the photos! Those light leaks + colors kill me.

  10. if I needed further conformation that I NEED a Android phone {sry, but I gotta say with my Windows phone... ;)}

  11. Great photos! Those edited ones are amazing!!! Sometimes I wish I had a good camera phone or a little point and shoot to use to capture moments like those. Thanks for inspiring me to capture more of the everyday moments. :)

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  13. Hannah, these are absolutely beautiful! I don't have an iPhone (my Dad does), but I do love the convenience of my cell phone camera, even if its quality isn't the best. =)

  14. Beautiful photos, I like the new style. My favorite is the berry bush with light poring past. It reminds me of the light that hit St. Paul on the Damascus road.

    When are you leaving for college?
    I will be praying for you.


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