Jun 15, 2011

Oh-No Moments | Personal

I'm sure ya'll have had them. The helpless milliseconds before the glass hits the ground and shatters into a million pieces. Or when you realize that you're flying through the air on a snowboard and it's about to hurt. A lot.

Or like yesterday, when my laptop started clicking. I felt like Captain Hook when he hears the proverbial tick of the crocodile - I knew something awful was about to happen. "Oh, no!"

The next thing I knew my laptop was seizing up and the clicking continued. A steady "click, click, click" from the left hand corner of the bottom - the harddrive. Ouch. There was nothing I could do to stop the infernal click except shut the lid, which I did. I knew just a few seconds later that I wasn't ever going to see that comforting home screen again... without help, anyway!! Serious help.

Not being overly gifted in the area of technical troubleshooting, I did try a few techniques (such as opening the laptop up again and pressing the button). I got a little black screen that in no uncertain terms told me I had no harddrive installed. Ouch again. Well, it was my own stupid fault that I hadn't backed up in about four weeks.

So, ya'll... this may be the last you hear from me for just a bit. My computer is in the shop for the time being, and I have no idea as of yet what the diagnosis is. God really knows what He's doing though - there are just 56 days left on the warranty and since I took it back to the small-town family-run business that I bought it from, they're going to do all the repairs for free. This year's been kinda... expensive... as far as accidents go, so that was right from the hand of God!!

Thank God for families and family computers... or else ya'll would have thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth! Haha... can't get rid of me that easy. =)

So ya'll know what I'll be doing for a little bit... kicking back and enjoying the summer with no computer to distract me. Frankly I think it's a good idea... it's hard in this media-savvy world to get a chace - or a good reason - to excuse ourselves from the grip of electronics long enough to draw a deep breath. But now I have a good reason. A painful one, maybe... but... I do have a bunch of stuff checked out from the library. =)

See you in a few weeks, chicas!!

ps - I was digging through my old files on my family computer - how many of you still have stuff on there? The files you've forgotten to transfer that are still lurking among your little sister's random assortment of stuff or your Mom's letters and forms? Haha, I thought so. =)

You can be sure that I'll be availing myself of nature's greatest assets... sunshine, water, dirt, flowers, grass... you get the picture. Throw in a few good books and some mint chip ice cream and I'm good to go!

And don't forget the camera. Please.

Both of these were taken over a year ago. Sheeesh! I can't believe that! I'm getting to be an oldie moldie photog, guys! *wink*


  1. oh gosh, i would seriously die if i had no computer. like, die.
    have a great day ♥

  2. Oh man...sorry! Hope that you'r back soon!

  3. I know how you feel about a computer clicking and stopping working...earlier this year my hard drive died with all of my files & pictures. But I'm starting with a new beginning and moving forward, even though it was really hard. Have a wonderful break! I know-it is nice to sometimes set aside blogging and computer work and enjoy those summer days while the days are bright and sunny and the blue skies and clouds and green grass and....this is kind of a rambling sentence. =) Blessings & may you have a wonderful break! We'll miss you, but I understand.



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